Public Range Access Coming

Meggitt Training Systems’ custom shooting stalls feature clear stalls with ballistic protection.  Pistol and rifle rated, the custom shooting stalls provide:

• 50 yard range distance (Rifle sighting is allowed)
• Meggitt target systems and safety ceiling equipment
• Noise abatement to minimize sound between shooting stalls
• Ballistic containment and protection with AR steel mounted in the center of the stall design.
• Family friendly range with Range Safety Officers present at all times.


Shooting Lane Rental Rates



Woodbury & COttage Grove

Hourly Rate
$ 18 / $29 1 Shooter rate / 2 shooters (one lane)

NON-Resident Rate

Hourly Rate
$ 20 / $31 1 shooter rate / 2 shooters (one lane)

What is allowed and not allowed at the range?

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY – (Updated 2/23/2020)

  • For your safety, Range Safety Officers (RSO) will be inside the range at all times during the public shooting hours. RSO’s have ultimate authority to remove an individual(s) from the range for any violations (NO REFUNDS WILL BE PROVIDED).  
  • All firearms must be unloaded and encased when brought into the HERO center and range. Legal permit to carry holders should keep their firearm holstered at all times until safely on the range.
  • For public use we only allow bulls-eye targets and DO NOT allow silhouette targets.
  • Handgun calibers are allowed up to .45 caliber.  
  • Rifles are allowed up to 300 Win. Mag.
  • Shotguns will NOT be allowed. Due to our brass recycling program we have to limit shotgun usage to avoid wads in the trap system mixing with brass. 
  • We DO NOT allow high decibel level munitions which include, but are not limited to: .454 Casull, .460 and .500 S&W Magnums and 50 Action Express.  
  • We DO NOT allow black powder firearms.  No tracers and no modified firearms which operate as “controlled rapid firing” to include but not limited to: bump stocks (slide fire). 
  •  Eye protection and hearing protection is mandatory and each shooter is required to have on at all times.  Necessary protection equipment is available for a small rental fee.  Eyes & Ears are include for use at no extra charge for individuals with an annual range membership (Memberships coming soon). 
  • We DO NOT rent firearms on-site. 
  • Lane rentals must be rented by an adult 18 years of age or older.  Children 10-17 must be accompanied at all times by a parent or legal guardian.  A liability waiver must be signed for all shooters and individuals entering the range regardless of whether or not you shoot.
  • No disrespectful or unruly behavior will be tolerated.  Any behavior that is deemed a violation by the range safety officers will result in removal from the range and could result in future denied access to use the range.  Any behavior or actions that present a danger to life or property will result in removal and denied use of the range. 
  • Due to inclement weather the range may be closed.  To keep up with weather closures please visit the HOME page for any important messages or join our email notification g
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